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“Hey ladies, I’m your illustrious mistress eva, and I’d like to tell you about the secret history of my beloved BDSM practice. Since my beginnings, I’ve had to make some changes so that I could continue my passion and make it even more enjoyable for my subs.

Back in the day, my practice was all about the most extreme forms of domination. I had total control over my subs and was able to do whatever I wanted to them. It was a great time of trading control and power and I loved every second of it.

However, as I got older, my practice has evolved and my level of domination has changed. I realized that my subs were more than just objects to use for my own pleasure, and that in order to have a successful BDSM session, the submissive needs to feel like an equal partner. So these days, I focus more on cultivating an atmosphere of mutual respect, trust, and communication.

I’ve also gone away from the classic “Master-Slave dynamic and have gone more for “Master-Partner. This allows us both to explore the kinky world of BDSM, without any one party feeling overpowered or exploited.

Over time I’ve also integrated more safety and aftercare into my practice. Protection has always been important to me, and I always make sure there is a safe space for my subs to express their boundaries and needs. As my practice has grown, my aftercare has become much more comprehensive as I ensure that my subs are feeling safe and secure after each session.

I love that my BDSM practice has evolved and adapted over the years, as it’s allowed me to explore and experience new ways of giving pleasure. I’m so excited to take my practice to the next level as I continue to find new ways to make the experience enjoyable and rewarding for all parties involved. Click here for more.

What kind of emotions do you experience when providing a session?

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Ah, emotions! They are a tricky beast. We experience so many of them when we provide a session, both good and bad. And yet, they’re an important part of why we do what we do.

The first emotion we may experience when providing a session is excitement. This is especially true if it’s the first session with a new client that we’re really looking forward to working with. The possibilities are endless, so it’s exciting to dive in and see how you can help.

Next up is anticipation. We look forward to working with our clients and to helping them progress. The anticipation of “what can I help them with today? builds up as we start the session.

We move onto confidence. We have the knowledge, skills, and tools to help clients get to where they want to go. We’ve got this!

Yet, nervousness is also often present. We might not be sure if what we’re doing will work, or if a certain exercise will be effective. We want to make sure that clients leave feeling satisfied with our work so this can make us anxious.

At some point during the session, a sense of fulfillment usually takes over. It’s hard to match the feeling of accomplishment you get when you see your clients make success, even if it’s in small steps. This emotion is something that keeps us going.

Finally, although sad, the last emotion that many of us experience is exhaustion. Providing a session, especially in person, can be incredibly draining as it requires a lot of focus, energy, and attention. It can leave us feeling tired, but grateful.

Emotions are an important part of providing a session. Although we probably won’t experience all of these emotions in every session, they’re often present. So, the next time you’re providing a session, take a moment to appreciate how you’re feeling and to acknowledge that, for most of us, it’s a rollercoaster of emotions.

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