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Are you looking to become an authentically asian bondage master? Then you’ve come to the right (padded) place! Whether you want to discover the ancient practice of Shibari, or have heard of the art of Kinbaku, this helpful guide will provide you with all the information you need on the available books and websites available.

Let’s start with books. If you haven’t noticed, the world of Asian bondage is complex and filled with history and culture. Thankfully, many authors have tried to demystify these practices with their wonderful works. Here are a few of our top picks:

• Japanese Bondage Techniques by Yukimura Haruki: This book provides in-depth instruction on the different kinds of Japanese rope bondage. It covers rope tying techniques, safety, and several instructional photography.

• The Art of Kinbaku by Master ‘K’: This compelling book gives you an intimate look at Kinbaku and the psychological and emotional aspects of its practice. This book is more for readers with advanced knowledge of Asian bondage but is an excellent book nonetheless.

• The Passion of Japan: This book covers the history and culture surrounding bondage in Japan as well as more modern practices. It’s a great way to get a comprehensive look at different related practices.

Now for websites. If books aren’t your thing, these websites provide you with plenty of instruction and resources to help perfect your bondage art.

• The Academy of Japanese Bondage: If you want to learn from the best, this is the site to visit. It has a wide range of tutorials, lectures, and classes from some of the top instructors in the field.

• Kinbaku World: This great site provides news and articles from all across the bondage world. It also has a great community of practitioners, which you can join and learn from.

• Shibari Dojo: Shibari Dojo is a great site dedicated to teaching and practicing Shibari. It also has an online store that sells top quality supplies and gear for bondage arts.

We hope that this guide has been helpful, and that you will find the perfect books and resources to help you on your journey into the world of Asian bondage. Published here.

How has feminism influenced the way femdom tube is portrayed?

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Feminism has drastically changed the way we view femdom tube. What was once thought of as a smutty corner of the web is now one of the fastest growing industries on the internet. The beauty of femdom tube is that it has been taken mainstream, allowing women to become empowered and portrayed as powerful sexual dominants.

In the past, it was often assumed that femdom tube was exclusively made for men, with scenes involving the woman beating, torturing, or verbally abusing the man. Now, things have changed, and we have seen a dramatic shift in how women are portrayed within the femdom tube genre. Instead of the woman taking on the role of a powerless submissive, she has taken control and now takes the lead role. Women are now seen as strong and confident dominants who don’t hesitate to take charge and make decisions.

Another important way that feminism has influenced femdom tube is the growing acceptance of things such as bondage and BDSM. While BDSM and bondage have been around for decades, it has only recently become accepted as something to be enjoyed by both men and women. We now see scenes involving both sexes, and it’s become clear that people of all genders can enjoy this type of play without any shame or judgement.

Finally, it’s worth noting that feminism has had a strong influence on the content of femdom tube. There are now videos that feature stories of strong female characters taking charge and running the show. This is great for viewers because it provides them with more relatable and positive role models.

Overall, we can see that feminism has had a very positive impact on femdom tube. It’s allowed women to take control and be portrayed as strong, respectful dominants. It’s also enabled people to accept and enjoy activities like bondage and BDSM without any shame or judgement. And finally, it’s helped create content that features positive female characters and empowering storylines. So when it comes to femdom tube, we have feminism to thank for much of the progress we have seen in recent years!

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